"Minds are like parachutes— they function only when they are open."—Louisville Times.

Empowering clients to be open to finding the path that's right for them is the cornerstone of Duhon Executive Coaching.  A large part of my coaching philosophy incorporates health and wellness strategies to achieve peak performance, deepen relationships and fulfillment in life.

Liesel's successful coaching strategy focuses on the 3 Pillars of Health:  Physical Health,  Mental  Fitness and Community. This powerful triad works to develop permanent change by building on these vital keys to happiness at work and home, so that you are in the Zone, just like highly skilled athletes.  When you are in the Zone, work is more fulfilling, your performance soars, relationships improve and things are effortless because you are truly fulfilled with your life.

I work primarily with mid to senior level female executives in a range of industries, helping them identify their unique strengths and looking at how these qualities can be maximized in the work space. With confidence comes success and being open to opportunity, whether it be tracking down your dream job or simply feeling invigorated and properly rewarded where you are right now.

Like yours, my own skill set is unique and I offer access to the learnings of an unusual balance of former senior leadership in the U.S Department of Commerce, life and business coaching, the global creative arts and performance sphere.  As Louisa May Alcott said "It takes two flints to make a fire"

  • Together, we commit and design a path to your future career through deep conversations to find your true purpose in life.

  • Together, we will bring balance to your work and life as we focus on  your personal pillars of health and wellness. In turn, you reach peak performance and deepen  relationships to find  an ease and flow

  • Together, we face and solve workplace challenges such as colleague confrontations, supervisor conflicts and team miscommunication.  

Where YOUR Potential Meets YOUR Purpose


Liesel Duhon is a St. Louis-based certified business and life coach who specializes in empowering executives to identify their purpose and meet their potential. 

My experience helps professionals enhance their leadership and team building skills, giving them the confidence to move forward with their careers.

If you want to take your leadership skills and career to the next level, let's work together to make your career dreams a reality.


Track Record


For decades, I have worked with executives and creatives all over the world. With a background in international training and development, business, music, filmmaking and art.  

I am passionate about helping people fulfill their vision and purpose.


Business Experience

At the U.S. Department of Commerce, I directed a multi-million dollar exchange and training program between U.S. companies and international managers and scientists across 3 continents and over 17 countries.  I have run many businesses and have experienced the highs and lows of personal and professional development.  I listen carefully to my clients' issues and together, we solve challenges and accomplish goals.



Health & Its Connection to Success


As an ACE-Certified personal trainer, I believe a strong foundation in health and wellness, enables you to be strong for yourself and also makes you a more effective leader, executive and creative in your business.​  I am committed to the 'Pillars of Health' and offer wellness and mindfulness in my practice whenever practical.


Cross Cultural Communications

Having lived over 10 years in Europe and Asia, I understand the unique challenges and undeniable benefits of working internationally and across cultures. I value diversity and am well-versed in cross-cultural communication.


Let's work together to overcome hurdles in your personal and professional life and successfully take your skills to the finish line


 Have an empowering day,



How Can I Help You?

  • I'm here help you achieve your goals and dreams.

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