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Uniting mind, body and soul to achieve optimal health and long-term weight loss.

Kickstart@ is curated by certified Life and Fitness Coach Liesel Duhon & Magda Borys, certified Integrative Health Nutrition Coach.  This virtual retreat is tailored to meet the individual needs of our clients while building a community of support and learning across North America and Europe.   

This 6 week retreat is a unique program designed to keep the weight off forever by addressing the mental, physical and nutritional challenges associated with optimal health and long term weight loss.

Small changes eventually add up to huge results.

Program begins Jan/Feb2023

Contact:  Liesel Duhon



What you get:

* 6 Weekly Group Coaching Sessions to teach you how to lose

         weight and keep it off forever 

* 6 Weekly Happy Hour Live Coaching Calls to check on your status

* 2 one-on-one coaching sessions to personalize your plans

         1 with Magda, your nutrition/health coach & 1 with Liesel your                   life/fitness coach to set goals for permanent weight loss.

*  Exclusive Facebook Chat Room for members only

*  Delicious Recipes designed to rev up your metabolism, boost                   weight loss, & optimize your health

*  Exercise routines designed and customized for your level

Community of International women motivated to lose weight

The price for the Kickstart© Virtual Weight Loss Retreat and everything listed above is only $650.00


That's less than $50.00 an hour for very specialized coaching that is usually 4 times as much.  


It's the best value for a weight loss retreat anywhere in the world.  Sign up now for the results you have always wanted.


Get the results you want now! We can lose the weight together and learn techniques to keep it off forever.

Contact:  Liesel Duhon


Kickstart© Virtual Retreat Coach and Co-Founder

Kickstart© results from our clients

I have lost approx. 8 pounds up to now.... it FEELS really good!  I also feel that it helped tremendously to start thinking about daily routines.  I was stuck and couldn’t see my way out of being stuck.  I got the boost I needed.....

Thank you both ---- I’m SO glad I saw this on FaceBook and ventured out of my comfort zone to participate.  I didn’t know if I was really ready for it ---- but it has turned out to be the BEST thing I’ve done!!   

Pam 2020 Participant

Lose some weight in a durable way, and learn some useful and easy elements of a healthy diet; and meet new people ☺ Expectations certainly met


I Lost 6 cm in my waist, 3 kg ; all  clothes sitting looser

Anna 2020 Participant

On best part of the retreat” The zoom meetings – and the group. But also all the tips during the week. One did not feel that one was left alone to cope. It was great


This was a great experience: two knowledgeable and committed coaches, right group size, right frequency of weekly appointments, right mix of dietary and activity suggestions, fantastic outreach to each and every one of us through tips, messages, encouragement. The two coaches won’t let you slip into your old habits and follow you throughout the five weeks with care and attention. The results are impressive – I feel much better physically, much more energized and my stress levels have come down. It is just a pity that it is over and now we need to fend for ourselves on our own.

Laura A, 2020 Kickstart Participant

Substantial reduction of symptoms of joint inflammation (pain, rigidity); no more bloating or gas; quasi disappearance of regular diarrhea-stypsis pattern.

Now for some astonishing news: I went to the doctor who follows me for my AI disorder and she gave me the result of my latest blood test. My cholesterol levels have plummeted! So have my triglycerides.  

Laura A.  2020 Kickstart Participant

"I've been on Magda's nutrition plan for  over 12 months and have lost 25 pounds.  My clothes sizes have gone from XL to L and even M.  My waist has gone from 38 to 34.  I have enjoyed the foods I eat, feel satisfied and am even able to include my favorite foods from time to time.  Within months I no longer had cravings.  I refuse to give up the foods I like, but rather I eat them in moderation and rather than eating processed foods, I make them myself.  Planning meals by the week also has also been helpful.  Her program works and has helped me to steadily lose and keep my weight off permanently.  I have even gone off my hypertension medicine as my blood pressure has returned to normal, likewise I no longer have any joint inflammation or acid reflux. The results have been truly amazing.  It's not easy and you have to be mentally ready, but when you are, this program can be very beneficial"

Frank M


"I have personally used Magda’s innovative weight loss method in order to lose my pandemic pounds ( 10lbs in total) and get healthier.  It’s amazing how fast it has revved up my weight loss.  She coached me through the whole process and me encouraged me to keep going.   I've reduced my cravings and desires to snack. For the first time I've  been able to resist my weakness foods of chocolate and bread, feel satisfied and keep losing weight.  The first two weeks were stricter, but that is where I lost quite a bit of weight.  That initial weight loss really boosted my confidence.  Now she is slowly weaning me into a more flexible diet, where I can eat more of the foods I enjoy.  No food is off limits.  Now I am working on my last 7 pounds to get to my ideal weight. This feels like something I can live with the rest of my life.


Thank you Magda!"

Liesel, co-founder of Kickstart© Virtual Weight Loss Retreat  St. Louis, MO

Results Many of Our Clients Have Experienced


  • sustainable weight loss; losing belly fat, slimmer midsection, clothes fitting better

  • I am no longer craving things!

  • this program gave me the tools I needed to be successful to achieve weight loss

  • I learned I can actually this intermittent fasting.  It was so helpful and I stopped snacking.


  • more in control of my health

  • being more mindful about food I eat

  • reducing inflammation by changing eating habits

  • I was able to get off of my medication for auto-immune condition

  • substantial reduction of symptoms of joint inflammation (pain, rigidity);

  • no more bloating or gas

  • more energy

  • reduced stress

  • discovered that I had a dairy sensitivity


  • ability to incorporate healthy dietary changes into a busy schedule or feasible changes to incorporate into a daily routine

  • learned a lot about nutrition and the physiology of the body; about the way we can use food to enhance/boost metabolism and a healthy gut

  • it helped tremendously to start thinking about daily routines

  • I discovered that the way we eat can make such a difference!

  • New way of eating, very different from what I have done in the past – no counting of calories/eating fat free, etc.

  • I learned a better way to eat and approach life going forward

  • this is a holistic experience and that there is so much more you could be doing in so many other areas of your life

  • I learned to slow down my eating and increase my chews.

  • I also learned to increase my water and drink lemon water all day long


  • Mind shift: I was able to stop my dangerous thoughts of all or nothing that sabotaged my weight loss.

  • results beyond of what I expected

  • helped me finally get un-stuck after having tried many, many eating plans and diets over the years

  • helped me find inspiration and get unstuck in my life/health journey

  • I got the boost I needed!

  • I’m SO glad I ventured out of my comfort zone to participate.  I didn’t know if I was really ready for it ---- but it has turned out to be the BEST thing I’ve done!!   

  • One did not feel that one was left alone to cope. It was great




  • feeling great, motivated, inspired, un-stuck

  • I feel much better physically, much more energized and my stress levels have come down

  • strong will

  • meeting other people

  • I loved the fact that we could share our ideas and challenges with the group

  • having some ‘me time’ in excellent company

  • being supported by the group

  • inspired by great cooking ideas

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