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Frequently Asked questions

What is executive coaching?

Executive coaches work together with clients on specific life or professional goals. The client leads the direction of the sessions and as the coach, I listen deeply and ask targeted questions.  It is in this safe and confidential environment where clients can explore their deepest professional ambitions and goals in a nurturing place. 
This is where the magic happens.
Together, the client and the coach set smart goals that hold the client accountable for the action items developed during the session. This is called co-creation and is the highest level of communication.
Liesel's life coaching methodology is a unique and highly effective way of working with people. By co-creating with my clients, their life goals and achievements are brought to reality quickly and with permanence. Your success is my success. 
Let's work together to feel empowered and successful

Is coaching the same as counseling or therapy?

No, coaching is not therapy or counseling and coaches do not deal with issues such as substance abuse or mental illness.  However, I am able to refer you to an appropriate therapist or counselor if these are your issues.

Having said that, personal issues often get in the way of professional development. Some issues that often come up are health and fitness, sleep problems, and relationship and communication challenges. It is normal that issues such as these block or impede goals and these are all things that we can tackle together to ensure your goals can be achieved and maintained.


Why should I use a coach? Isn't a friend or a family member able to do the same thing?

As a certified coach, I will be able to address almost anything that comes up during a session, some of which might be too embarrassing to approach with a friend or family member.  Furthermore, friends or family, while they have the best of intentions, may not have the distance or time to see the whole picture. As your coach, I work together with you and am totally dedicated to you, your interests and your goals.  

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