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"Liesel has exceeded my expectations as my coach.  She helped me to work through making an important decision about a career change.  For years I have had so many ideas in my head on what I wanted to do next, and I found myself stuck in an unfulfilling job.  Liesel is a great listener and when I verbalized my ideas, she respected them and validated my thoughts.  What was instrumental was her observation of my genuine excitement when I spoke about creating a fashion line. She paid attention to details such as changes in my voice and body language.   I had become numb to my own true passion since I’d set aside the dream for so long.  She quickly picked up on that during our session.  She knew what questions to ask to move me forward and her guidance set me on a path to getting past my fear of change.  I suddenly got clarity on what it is that I really wanted to do.  I left the first few sessions feeling that I had made some great progress with plans for next steps that I needed to take.  I look forward to our remaining coaching sessions as she will keep me on track and accountable."


Pamela Drummond, IT Business Analyst, Corona, California

"Liesel is truly passionate about her work as a coach. She has a unique knack for understanding people, individual traits and the relationships between them that can both hold you back or propel you forward. She has helped me identify my current state of limbo and helped me outline a plan to move forward that encompasses the many facets that in one’s life. Liesel’s greatest assets include her worldly view and her own personal experiences from living and working around the globe. Most importantly Liesel exudes a genuine thoughtfulness to all sessions and is always fully present with you, truly caring about you and the process she is guiding you through."


Annie, Physician in St. Louis

"After a decade working in creative services across the Asia Pacific, I needed help transitioning back to work and life in Australia.  Liesel's unique insight and revolutionary technique allowed me to both reinterpret and relaunch my media career with enormous success.  Rather than simply telling, Liesel shows you life-long techniques to unlock and realize new pathways.  A true professional with a life-changing approach, I can recommend Liesel Duhon to anyone looking to expand their creative wings."

Elizabeth Jensen, Australian filmmaker

"Liesel was an amazing coach. My sessions with her were a gift, and little did I know how much of a needed gift it was. Before my sessions with Liesel, I had given up hope, and was stuck in a place of discontent and complacency. After my sessions, I had walked through so many fears, discouragements and false assumptions that had led me down wrong paths I was finally able to breathe again, enjoy my job, & started creating an entirely new environment in my work place. I cannot recommend Liesel's coaching enough - especially if you are at wits end. Quitting may not be the answer, it might be Liesel instead. What Sister Mary Clarence did for the choir in Sister Act, she can do for your job/career."  

Sierra Harmon, Sommelier & General Manager in St. Louis, MO

Liesel was able to help me deal with difficult people and challenging situations at work and home.  Her unique methodology allowed me to approach the opportunities in a new direction resulting in improved relationships. 

Kurtis S., Sales Executive

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